Bopworks Spread Lok Brushes

Bopworks Spread Lok Brushes

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9 Reviews

  • Amazing.

    Posted by Dino on 17th Mar 2021


    Love these brushes. Best I have used


    Posted by Lee Redfern on 30th Jan 2021


    Nice solid pair of brushes and the Lok feature is solid.

  • sweet brushes

    Posted by Darren Beaudet on 24th Nov 2020


    Wow they're beautiful - another damn good tool from Bopworks

  • Best brushes ever used

    Posted by Juan Carlos Lopez on 21st Aug 2018


    One of your sponsored drummers, Pablo Prieto Huesca (Mexico City) allowed me to use this pair of brushes in the studio. I felt relaxed and able to perform what usually seems hard with other models. I loved my new pair of Bopworks brushes.

  • Spread - lok Brushes

    Posted by JIM KNUDSON on 28th Jun 2018


    A little shorter handle than I'm used to, but great feel, response, sound. The wires are perfect. I will use this product.

  • Bopworks Brushes

    Posted by Chris Martin on 8th May 2018


    Love the feel of the brushes! Very thin and responsive spread, they stay locked in place too. I like the diameter of the grip however, I wish the were softer, more cushioned in my hands. All in a very good brush!

  • Brushes

    Posted by John on 23rd Nov 2017


    These are the best brushes I've ever played. They have perfect balance and are durable. Fantastic product. I own three pair. Best brushes on the market.

  • Spread Lok brushes

    Posted by Joe Cochran on 26th Jul 2017


    I didn't really need more brushes but these do exactly as they are named. They stay locked in either the wide or narrow position. So I use a right hand narrow and a left hand wide and they sound great.

  • LOK Brushes

    Posted by Manuel G Chapa Jr. on 18th Jul 2017


    I am very pleased with the response and feel of the LOK BRUSHES. I have
    spent a lot of $$$$ on a lot of other Brands. It seemed that the more that I
    spent the worst it got! I couldn't find anything that felt good to the hands or ears. The two locking positions of the LOK BRUSHES make it possible to play with ease at different volumes. This is where all the other name brands fall very short. Not enough versatility, not enough COLOR!!! I definitely noticed the change while recently recording, even my very picky engineer liked the sound so much that he bought a pair of the LOK BRUSHES from me. This is a product that should be in every Drummers stick bag...