Earthtone Drumheads





Earthtone 14" Calfskin Heads


For those of us who love the sound of calfskin heads but find them expensive and difficult to find, EARTHTONE heads are a chance to find out what the "calf" sound is without breaking the bank.

The texture of calfskin drum heads produces a warm and full tone out of any of your drums, and give you an amazing brush sound on your snare. The other thing that stands out is the "melding" of the head and stick, they seem to work together, producing a great feel when you're playing*


Earthtones go through a tanning and treatment process to reduce the effects of weather .The mounting of the head is the same as normal, heads are equipped with aluminum rims and go on like any other head. They "settle in" quickly and require little adjustment to get in tune.


"I still use calf skin heads on all the drums—tom— toms, everything—except the bottoms; I use Remo Ambassador heads on the bottom of everything. I have plenty of calf; everybody says: "Where can you get 'em?"—I got 'em. I got more than enough—and I can get more. I can't see any other way of playing.

- Mel Lewis


Mel Lewis interview by Les Tomkins 1983


*The great Hal Blaine used calfskin on his bass drums.