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Bopworks Stick Station
Bopworks Stick Station

Congratulations, your sticks and brushes just got a raise.

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Single Flange
Super Hoop
Diecast Gretsch Style
Triple Flanged
Bopworks Stick Station

Clips on and off your rim quickly and easily

And it fits a wide variety of hoop sizes and styles: single, double, and triple flange, as well as stick saver, super hoops and more... Includes 3 vibration attenuation clips for different positioning configurations & playing requirements.

Squeeze the tabs to open the clip. Secure the upper portion of the clip (A) to the top of your rim.

Secure the lower portion of the clip (B) to the underside of your rim.

Note: the B portion of the clip can be seated under the rim or collar of the drum head. The tray will adjust itself to your preferred angle.

Once you've placed your clips on the drum rim, push tray posts into the clip holes. Approximately halfway down, the tray post will begin to “grab” leaving about a 1/4” space between the bottom of the tray and clip.

Don't force the tray into the holes in the clip. The clips are designed to attenuate vibration between the drum and the tray.