Bopworks Birdland Model

Bopworks Birdland Model

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Bopworks "Birdland"


 Bopworks sticks are pitched paired and weighed in grams.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.








56 Reviews

  • High quality sticks

    Posted by Vince on 13th Sep 2023


    I got the Birdland, West Coast, Memphis R&B and Rhythm & Groovz models. All of them are dead-on straight and matched very closely in weight (my scale can't actually detect a difference in grams). They all have an awesome feel and great rebound. Mine all came with black ink instead of green. Love them all.

  • Birdland model

    Posted by Phil Hatgis on 25th Jul 2023


    There aren't enough good things to say about this stick, So beautifully done in everyway, quality and beyond! Great balance,feel and fantastic attention to detail. In 50 years of buying and playing sticks by everyone, finally something totally Great !YOU cant get this anywhere else.BOPWORKS are the best.Big shoutout to Chris Bennette..Thankyou ,p.s. all the models are special!

  • Birdland model

    Posted by pdeluxe on 7th Jul 2023


    Beautiful sticks, as advertised ,great on ride cymbal .Highly recommended.

  • Birdland sticks

    Posted by Phillip Hatgis on 7th Jul 2023


    This model stick is as advertised, a beautiful help in ride cymbal overtime control.well made and feels great.Highly recommended as are all the wonderful drum stick models from Bopwork.!

  • Birdland Bopworks drum sticks

    Posted by Michael Donovan on 8th Jun 2023


    Absolutely love playing we these sticks. I play in a trio in same stage venues. These sticks are responsive to quiet and robust sounds we play. I have been rotating through two pair with about 80 hours of play time. No damage or splintering on the tips so far.

  • Great for jazz

    Posted by Steve Colvin on 3rd Apr 2023


    I'm normally a maple stick user, but these are light and thin enough that they give me the same feel. They have become my go-to sticks.

  • Birdland Model Drumsticks

    Posted by Joe Pendergast on 17th Dec 2022


    I am a constant user of the West Coast Model, but when I play in a smaller or quieter venue, the Birdland Model is what I choose. The provide the same great sound of the West Coast Model, and they are the perfect tool for the small quiet venue. The Birdland stick is always in my bag.

  • Love these sticks

    Posted by Max on 2nd Nov 2022


    Great craftsmanship! Makes my cymbals sing and blend well in acoustic environments. Thank you!

  • Bopworks Birdland

    Posted by Bernard Pritchard on 4th Jul 2022


    I wouldn't want to be without these wonderful sticks!
    Have been playing these for a few years now; their lightness enables a drummer to play quickly and precisely with a deft touch. I most often play these in church, but also for home practise and live jazz in small settings on a 20", 12", 14" old Radio King set (with calf heads).
    As ever, Bopworks products are of consistent high quality, and good value.
    Chris Bennett was most helpful in offering advice about ordering, and facilitated a swift delivery to a TX address for visiting friends' to bring here to England.
    Many grateful thanks!