Bopworks West Coast Model

Bopworks West Coast Model

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Bopworks "West Coast" Model



Inspired by the "Cool Jazz" West Coast scene of the fifties.

Slightly longer and thicker than the "Birdland Model",

with a great response on ride cymbals.


Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.


 Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks.

For more information on this, please read this link in our blog.





19 Reviews

  • Bopworks Birdland Model

    Posted by Phillip B Carr on 15th Feb 2021


    They're perfect for what I'm doing. Light and thin but strong and durable.

  • West Coast Model

    Posted by Dominic Smith on 21st Aug 2020


    A longer slightly beefier version of the birdland, giving you a classic sound without feeling to thin. Good for smaller combos and lower volume gigs.

  • Phenomenal Sticks!

    Posted by Ian Pond on 23rd Nov 2019


    I was looking for product that could come close to resembling the kind of sound of my heroes and Bopworks West Coast Model is nothing short of that! I love the meticulousness to each detail of the stick to pay homage to all of our classic heroes. You'll be glad to get these sticks!! Phenomenal!

  • West Coast

    Posted by John C Sparkman on 12th Oct 2018


    Well balanced nimble sticks - perfect for what I want!

  • West Coast model

    Posted by JIM KNUDSON on 28th Jun 2018


    Still doesn't have the unique intimate feel that your original sticks had a few years ago, but does have a great feel. I will be happy to use them.

  • West Coast Model

    Posted by Michael Ragland on 10th May 2018


    My go-to stick. I play a wide variety of music - from Jazz to Rock to Funk to Gospel. While I gleefully use the Memphis R&B, the Birdland, and the Rythmn & Groovz sticks, this stick always lays it down with great feel, balance, and timbre. Nothing but Bopworks sticks for me!

  • West Coast Sound

    Posted by Manuel G Chapa Jrp on 7th Jan 2018


    I am currently using the Birdland Model as my main stick, I recently added the West Coast Sound as my second pair when I need just a bit more sound. I am currently playing in a Jazz Quintet that utilizes Acoustic Bass and Piano. And we don’t use a PA. Very Old School! And Bopworks has exactly the stick that I have been looking for. Both pairs have their own voice. And both are very well balanced.
    THANK YOU so much for making such a Awesome Product!!!

  • Great sticks!

    Posted by Brian on 24th Dec 2017


    This was the first time I've ordered Bopworks sticks and got 3 models. This and the 40s swing classic are my favorite! The quality is apparent as soon as you hold the stick. I was also struck by the fact that each stick created the same pitch when striking the cymbal or drum. While other companies claim pitch matching in pairs I have often had to switch sticks out of packs to find ones that are weighted evenly and of the same density. These are awesome!

  • West Coast Model - Best Stick I've Ever Used

    Posted by Kyle Smith on 14th Dec 2017


    I'm a performer drum teacher who has to play anything from indie rock, to metal, to jazz, to Motown in a given day. These sticks feel amazing in both light and heavy touch. They are durable enough to withstand the heavier stuff, but delicate enough to communicate subtle nuances. Best of all (and most importantly), they sound amazing. These are now my go-to sticks for all occasions, I'm so happy I discovered Bopworks.

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