Bopworks West Coast Model

Bopworks West Coast Model

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Bopworks "West Coast" Model



Inspired by the "Cool Jazz" West Coast scene of the fifties.

Slightly longer and thicker than the "Birdland Model",

with a great response on ride cymbals.


Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.


 Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks.

For more information on this, please read this link in our blog.





21 Reviews

  • Great sticks!

    Posted by Brian on 24th Dec 2017


    This was the first time I've ordered Bopworks sticks and got 3 models. This and the 40s swing classic are my favorite! The quality is apparent as soon as you hold the stick. I was also struck by the fact that each stick created the same pitch when striking the cymbal or drum. While other companies claim pitch matching in pairs I have often had to switch sticks out of packs to find ones that are weighted evenly and of the same density. These are awesome!

  • West Coast Model - Best Stick I've Ever Used

    Posted by Kyle Smith on 14th Dec 2017


    I'm a performer drum teacher who has to play anything from indie rock, to metal, to jazz, to Motown in a given day. These sticks feel amazing in both light and heavy touch. They are durable enough to withstand the heavier stuff, but delicate enough to communicate subtle nuances. Best of all (and most importantly), they sound amazing. These are now my go-to sticks for all occasions, I'm so happy I discovered Bopworks.

  • Bopworks West Coast Model

    Posted by Bob Levey on 9th Sep 2017


    Great Sticks.. I remember when you guys first started making your great product and I ordered a Block of assorted sticks, I still have them and love them all.. But I needed some more of the WC sticks.. Thanks again Sincerely Bob Levey

  • Superb Sticks for jazz

    Posted by John on 24th May 2017


    These sticks feel great and sound wonderful on the ride. They also are fairly durable, which is nice. The tips take a long time before they begin to chip off. I believe that Bopworks are the best sticks for jazz on the market and the West Coast model is my favorite among these. Wonderful sticks.

  • Nice big sound in a light package.

    Posted by Joe Pendergast on 17th May 2017


    Love the weight and diameter as well as the oval tip. Plays light with a rich sound. This is my go-to stick. You hit a home run with this one.

  • good feel

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Apr 2017


    I like the light feel and brighter sound with these sticks. Snare work is fast and responsive. Glad I gave them a shot and will probably grab a few more pairs.

  • definetly inproves cymbal sound

    Posted by bob on 28th Mar 2017


    nice pair of sticks

  • Perfect stick

    Posted by ldthill on 7th Mar 2017


    Well balanced with a light sound on the ride cymbal.

  • Feels like they were made for me!

    Posted by Michael on 30th Dec 2015


    I had purchased the West Coast model a couple of years ago but had not really played them until about 6 months ago. First thing that came to mind is "Why did I wait so long?" These sticks feel like they were made for my hands. I'm used to playing larger diameter sticks but these are balanced so well, they soon became my favorite Jazz stick. (I'm a Jazz player and teach Jazz drums in the university setting.) Though these sticks have a little smaller diameter and are a bit shorter than I was used to, their response and balance won me over immediately! They are wonderful for quieter gigs and work great for medium gigs as well. I've been playing them for about 6 months and find NO chipping on the beads.
    Love this stick!!!
    I highly recommend that you try this model!

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