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Art Blakey Model (Temporarily out of stock)

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 The Art Blakey stick


One of hard Bop's greatest exponents, master of the

smokin' press roll of death. Decades of the leading the great

Jazz Messenger bands have earned him his place in history.

 The Art Blakey model has been reproduced exactly

from his 60's stick - the longer taper and triangle tip

make this stick ideal for almost any application.


Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.



Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks.

For more information on this, please read this link in our blog.








25 Reviews

  • Versatile, durable, comfortable!

    Posted by Dan Perriello on 14th Jun 2015


    I think these Blakey 8Ds are the stick I've been waiting for! They are full enough in the grip to not feel like twigs, but the long taper keeps them fairly light and nicely balanced. The big triangle tip sounds clear and articulate on cymbals and produces a big, full sound on drums - the perfect balance between a lighter "jazz" stick and something more widely applicable. They are extremely well made, solid and durable. I've had one pair on 4 gigs and a number of practice sessions, and they've not chipped or worn down, and I'm playing more than jazz with them. The only downside is the price.

  • Amazing tone!

    Posted by Poh Soon Teng on 9th Apr 2014


    These sticks felt a little foreign to my hands at first with me being more used to butt heavy sticks... But after you adjust to it, you get amazing tone out of the drums and cymbals. I think partly because of the large head. Also with the more balanced weight, the dynamic range is pretty wide with the louds being extremely loud and softs being extremely soft. Weight is pretty evenly distributed with the top being a little weightier (if thats a word) but it still lets you swing you butt off! :)


    Posted by Enrique on 8th Jan 2014


    I´m amazed for the quality of these sticks and the rest of the stock of Bopworks, great material, great sound and flexibility.

  • great work

    Posted by TC on 19th Jul 2013


    I bought these as a gift for my drummer and he loved them

  • Newguy likes 'em

    Posted by Mick on 3rd Jan 2013


    At 55 yrs. old I've been playing for only a year. Can't tell you why I like them so much except to say they feel great overall. I like the largest triangle tip I've seen, the 16" length and the thin/med thin diameter with a graceful taper.

    There's enough weight to play louder stuff and it's easy to choke up a little if you want to ease up a bit.

    I have maybe 25 differen't pairs of sticks including 3 other Bopworks models but these are my favorites to date. Great service too!

  • Finally

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jan 2013


    After a long wait, the promised Blakey sticks have arrived.

    They feel absolutely great-good balance and nice taper that lets the cymabl tone stand out.

    I personally wouldn't use these on a super quiet gig, but for anything else, they'd work great.

  • Art Blakey's crisp sound!

    Posted by Joan on 29th Nov 2012


    These are balanced with some more weight to the tip, due to its big size. This provides a crispier attack, but doesn't sacrifice any rebound because of its long neck. They feel very nice at hand!