Limited Centennial Special Edition

Art Blakey Model

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 The Art Blakey stick


One of hard Bop's greatest exponents, master of the

smokin' press roll of death. Decades of the leading the great

Jazz Messenger bands have earned him his place in history.

 The Art Blakey model has been reproduced exactly

from his 60's stick - the longer taper and triangle tip

make this stick ideal for almost any application.


Bopworks sticks are pitched paired and weighed in grams.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.












25 Reviews

  • Great drumsticks

    Posted by Jamie Evans on 21st Dec 2021


    Got these sticks for my brother. He really likes them. The weight is great and he said the sticks felt like they were flying as he played them. Ill definitely be back for more. :)

  • Art Blakey Model

    Posted by Nate on 18th Oct 2021


    These guys make such great sticks, and they put so much love into every order. Every time I have the Art Blakey sticks in my hands my grip feels exactly how I want it to feel.

  • Art Blakey Centennial Edition is a winner

    Posted by Andre Custodio on 13th Jul 2021


    The rectangular tip gives an elevated attack on drums and cymbals. The specs on this stick really felt great to me. Hope you continue to make this model, Bopworks. I will grab more if you make them.

  • Art Blakey centennial model drum sticks

    Posted by Lawrence Buch on 4th May 2021


    Weight and balance were disappointing. No comparison to my Gretsch Art Blakey model 1D drum sticks from 1970.

  • Art Blakey Centennial Model

    Posted by Robert on 1st May 2021


    Great stick nice balance and weight

  • Bopworks Art Blakey stick

    Posted by John on 21st Apr 2021


    These are amazing sticks. Perfect balance and bring out wonderful sounds on the cymbals. Bopworks makes the best sticks for jazz, hands down.


    Posted by Lee Redfern on 30th Jan 2021


    haven't had this model before but after playing with them for an hour or so, I've come to really like the tip shape. Nice solid ping!

  • Art Blakey Sticks

    Posted by Dominic Smith on 2nd Aug 2020


    These sticks and Bopworks are THE guys for vintage stick reproductions. The Blakey stick has all the strength and power you’d expect from Buhaina’s model but with the subtleties included for softer passages and roaring press rolls. Highly recommended!

  • Art Blakey Centennial Model Drumsticks

    Posted by Scott on 25th May 2020


    Great jazz sticks. I'm already rolling like Blakey. Thank you Bopworks. Great service. Will visit you guys again.