Bopworks 40's Swing Classic Model  (Out of stock, more on the way)

Bopworks 40's Swing Classic Model (Out of stock, more on the way)

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   BOPWORKS  "40's Swing Classic"


   Faithfully recreated from the exact model 40's stick

played by one of Swing Music's greatest drummers*.

The Swing Classic captures the sound of the 40's

with its the traditional triangle tip and taper.

Versatile, perfect for the Jazz trio up to big band.

Relive the 40's with sticks that helped define the music.

 Every Bopworks stick is weighed in grams instead of ounces.

This ensures proper matching in every pair you buy.



 Please note: we do not pitch pair our sticks.

For more information on this, please read this link in our blog 


                                                          *The initals "GK" might give a you a hint.











17 Reviews

  • Sweet Swing!

    Posted by adam on 3rd May 2021


    These sticks are very true to the original 40's model. They feel great in the hands, light and fast around the kit. Splendid job BOPWORKS, and thank you for making such a iconic, classic model drum stick.


    Posted by Lee Redfern on 30th Jan 2021


    fantastic sticks as always!

  • Great sticks !

    Posted by Mike on 30th Oct 2020


    Perfect weight and length for me. Taper is a little thin. But this is my new stick from now on. I’ve spent a FEW dollars on sticks lately but I found the ones. If bopworks could make the bird land model specs with the diameter and length of this stick , perfect would be the word.

  • 40's swing classic

    Posted by DRUMDOMINIC@GMAIL.COM on 21st Aug 2020


    good big band stick, but I can't see myself using this on much else. Good for Sing, Sing, Sing :)

  • Finesse and Touch

    Posted by on 16th Jul 2019


    The Classic 40’s Swing Classic brings out the sweetest tones of the ride cymbal. Light, nice wood sound that brings out the wanted frequencies of the cymbal. However, they lack weight. They’re simply too light for my taste. Which is a bummer because this would have been my STICK!

  • 40's Swing Classics

    Posted by Dan on 26th Jul 2018


    I have used the standard American Classic 5A sticks for many years, but playing with Bopworks 40's Swing Classic is what feels like I am truly stepping into vintage classic drumming and playing to Benny Goodman as well as Topper Headon's Clash songs.

  • Bopworks 40’s Swing Classic Model

    Posted by Javier Sambrano on 8th Jun 2018


    Great drumsticks, the sound is well defined for the cymbals and the drums. I thought they balanced well with the drum set and the style of music that we play(1940s Big Band). I have tried various other sticks including models marketed at big band models these sticks are great. They can be soft or loud. Will be trying more products from Bopworks. Highly recommend to give them a try.

  • Bopworks 40s Swing Classic Model

    Posted by Greg Burrows on 19th May 2018


    Long, lean, balanced, and that bead sounds incredible on my handhammered Turkish cymbals. Beatiful sticks from Bopworks--I'm a Bopworks fanboy. Great stuff.

  • May become my new favorite!

    Posted by Mark on 26th Dec 2017


    Very nice light stick for jazz including big band, also rock if you're not a heavy hitter. Acorn tip gives great cymbal and bell-of-cymbal sounds. Similar to VF Tommy Igoe model but a touch lighter and better cymbal sounds. Finish is beautiful!